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Open enrollment is going on now. Click the link below for information on how you can enroll today. Remember even if you will be declining coverage you must complete the process to waive it.

Click Here For Open Enrollment Instructions

Please contact Millennium Administrators at 1-866-644-2489 if you have any issues with enrolling.. Do not contact your HR department they will not be able to assist you.



Notice of Change to ATSS Companies Health Insurance Plans for 2018:

ATSS Membership,

As many of you know the union has been working to negotiate Health Insurance options for next year (2018). We have found plans that will not only save the majority of the members money, they will also provide better coverage. These plans (see below) will be REPLACING all current ATSS companies health plans. This means that if you choose to take health insurance through work for next year it will be one of these 3 plans.

The ATSS companies will no longer offer health insurance to any ATSS union member.

You are not required to sign up for this insurance. If you are covered through a spouse, Tricare, or an outside plan you can continue those plans. In that case you may be required to complete a form stating that you were offered but declined coverage.

All other types of insurance currently offered (Dental, Vision, Life, Disability,etc.) will still be offered by your companies. We will be working towards taking over those types of coverage as well if we can get a better deal for the membership by doing so.

Open enrollment for all Local 2424 – ATSS Union members will take place between November 1, 2017 – December 1,2017. You will have 3 options to sign up:

1- Online – You will be provided a link to the insurance portal and it will walk you through each step (preferred method)
2- Over the phone – You will be given a number to call and the benefits coordinator will sign you up verbally
3- In Person Enrollment – Reps will be on site between (Nov 27th – Dec 1st) and you will be authorized to meet with them during that time


In Solidarity,

AJ Begunich  Chief Steward 

ATSS Union insurance information for plan year 2018:

Coverage and Cost Comparison

                      (Plans are compared to the companies current 2017 plan cost.)

RX info:

Value Formulary , Additional Covered  , Non-covered Drugs 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Summary Plan Descriptions:
Plan 1
Plan 2
Plan 3

Please review all of the information above. If you have reviewed that information and still have questions please contact us.